Puma is making a come back !

Puma has been around 1924 in Germany. Since then we have seen the many ups and downs of the company. From the Puma California sneaker that everyone and their uncles owned to the over worn track jackets. But when I stumbled upon the store recently I was pleasantly surprised with both the sneaker collection and clothing options. And if you go this weekend you receive … Continue reading Puma is making a come back !

In memory of Heath Ledger

This limited edition T Shirt designed by Elana Rosa and photographed by Ben Watts is not only sale for a short time. The shirt costs AUD $105 and ships world wide. The profits of the shirt will go to Channel 7 Australia Telethon Trust, The Australian’s in Film Organization and, The Heath Ledger Scholarship. Dont miss out Click the photo or go to http://www.heathledger.com.au Continue reading In memory of Heath Ledger