Trending: Nautical Inspired Clothing

The nautical trend much like the military trend is hard to get away from these days. Nautical in our opinion on a trend to get on board with. The nautical color pattern red, white, and blue are easy colors to wear and boat shoes have always been a fan favorite for men.

Here are two key items you should try out;

The Fisherman Jacket:


Although spring has past its not time to put the Fisherman/ Rain Jacket away just yet. Its lightweight, waterproof, a great layering piece, and practical. It comes in all types of colors, bright yellow, red, blue, and more but a subtle color looks just as great such as white, beige, and navy. Here are some great examples;


1     Light Brown Casual Bomber-  River Island

2     Ripstop Hooded Jacket-  BooHoo

3     ‘Wind Cheater’ Windbreaker-  Nordstrom

and Nautical Stripes:


Stripes can be seen in shirt, sweater, and even shorts form. They are usually horizontal and found in a navy and white contrast. Other than black and white as well, we recommend sticking to the traditional look for best results. Here are some great examples;


1    Scotch & Soda Men’s Striped Chino Shorts- Ron Robinson

2    Black and White Breton Striped T-Shirt- River Island

3    Striped Sweater- ASOS

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