Wearing Alternative Colors This Summer

Mint green, yellow, reds, and purples have been popping up this summer in some of our favorite brands. And if there is anytime to experiment with a new color in your wardrobe, summer is it. Whether is be a fun colored bathing suit, or a pair of yellow socks that show under your trousers, when the sun is out till 8pm, it will look great all day.

One great color example to try is Lilac


Lilac, which is just a light shade of purple, is probably the new color you guys would feel most comfortable wearing. It goes well with every skin tone, and shows confidence and style. Works great as a sweater over a white oxford shirt, or as a pair of chinos with a grey blazer for the more daring.


1 7″ Stanton Shorts by JCrew

2 Burberry Brit Classic Polo on FarFetch

3 Pink House Mustique Mid-Length Printed Swim Trunks on Mr. Porter

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