Wearable Technology Hits The Fashion World

Everyone from Amazon, to Google, To Apple has been rumored to be making better and better wearable technology for our future. Its seems a bit silly that we will need to be wearing our mobile devices, that we already have trouble putting down, on our eyes one day, but we have to keep up with the Joneses.

Mr. Porter, a well known men’s fashion company has featured in their online shop their own fashionable technology that can be worn with little detection. Jawbone Up24BlueTooth Activity Tracking Band tracks your daily movement to monitor and improve your well being. It connects to an app in your smart phone to give you real time updates throughout the day. This device can do everything from telling you how many calories you burned, to monitoring your sleep cycle and gently wake you up when needed at the perfect time. Wear this around the clock with your watch or casual bracelets and still look cool.


Jawbone Up24BlueTooth Activity Tracking Band available in both black and orange at MrPorter.com for $150

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