Sunspel – A World of the Highest Quality Contemporary Clothing

The British clothing manufacturer Sunspel certainly has a lot to be proud of from the moment of the company’s establishment in 1860, founder Thomas A Hill was experimenting with the finest quality fabrics from around the world. He gave birth to a company that was instrumental in the development of the T-shirt, and which introduced the boxer short to Britain.

Sunspel, though, isn’t gathering dust in a museum. It’s continuing to show the great pioneering verve it’s always shown, resulting in all manner of approachable and high end basics and loopbacks that are absolutely relevant to how people live right now.

The modern day Sunspel is a hugely admired contemporary lifestyle brand, stocked by high end boutiques. That has been the case for decades, and with its luxury basics exhibiting only the most exacting standards of craftsmanship for the ultimate wearability, that isn’t likely to cease to be the case any time soon.

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 6.51.33 PM

(Boyfriend Fit Sweat Top $168, Loopback Sweat Shorts $128, Loopback Track Pant $168)

One only has to consider the Nottingham firm’s scrupulously-engineered vintage loopbacks. Supremely soft, made from 100% loopback cotton and encompassing sweat tops, hoodies, shorts and pants, they are emblems of the finest in vintage style, with the clean, understated aesthetic by which Sunspel clothing can be instantly identified. From Sunday lounging to when a little bit of comfort is needed during the working week, there’s barely an everyday circumstance not catered for by Sunspel loopback cotton.

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