Get This Look: Bari, Italy

You found us an image and we found you the look.

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This look was found on the famous street photographers website , and its undoubtedly an awesome outfit. Finding the pieces was a bit challenging. We found a way to get this look and look just as cool as this dude, but the problem was the dress pants. We recommended a cropped style where you would roll up the bottom of the pants, but ideally your best chance of getting this exact style is going to you local tailor and asking for a hem and tapper. That way you can pull up the pants, have them stay on your calf and get that baggy perfection. If your not looking to be his twin, which we don’t recommend here are the perfect pieces without breaking bank…


Pants by Dockers Modern Slim Fit Dress Chinos on Sale for $52 on

Chambray Shirt Long Sleeve Shirt for $30 on

Sunglasses by Persol style Icon in Tortoise for $400 on

3 Possible shoe options;

Cole Haan Pinch Tassel on sale for $100 on

Brock Mens Brown Calf Tassel Loafer for $255 on

Mens Suede Kiltie Tassel on sale for $208 at


Happy shopping and keep us posted on your next great find… Salut!


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