12 Hours in Coney Island

Coney Island was first up and running in the late 1800’s and has been a tourist attraction as well as a friendly greeting for immigrants arriving when the Coney Island Elephant was introduced. Now there are various rides, arcade games, aquarium, baseball, beach, and much more. The Haus team went and spent a full day trying out everything it has to offer. This weekend Coney … Continue reading 12 Hours in Coney Island

Wearable Technology Hits The Fashion World

Everyone from Amazon, to Google, To Apple has been rumored to be making better and better wearable technology for our future. Its seems a bit silly that we will need to be wearing our mobile devices, that we already have trouble putting down, on our eyes one day, but we have to keep up with the Joneses. Mr. Porter, a well known men’s fashion company … Continue reading Wearable Technology Hits The Fashion World

Jaguar Releases The F-Type Coupe

In 1961 Jaguar introduced the E-Type Coupe whom everyone right away considered it the most beautiful car in history. Some say that even Enzo Ferrari himself agreed. It was the sexiest thing on the road, porn on wheels, and anyone who tried to succeed it failed. While there will never be another E-Type Coupe, Jaguar made the bold move to make the F-Type its notable … Continue reading Jaguar Releases The F-Type Coupe

Noteworthy Downloads; Postagram App

Postagram allows you to upload photos from your computer, phone, Instagram, or Facebook and create personalized postcards to share world-wide. Send it nationally for only 99 cents and internationally for $1.99. We found it as a great source to send out thank you cards, or just a friendly thinking of you. Available on iTunes app store, or Google Play for free. Continue reading Noteworthy Downloads; Postagram App

‘The Top’ in New York City

(Photo: Decatur And Sons Barber Shop in Chelsea Market) Top Tailor: Wilfredo Rosario, Wilfred’s Tailoring – Request a appoint with Wilfred himself for perfection alternations and fittings. He is hard to catch because many times he has to leave the shop to help his A-List clients such as Will Smith and Denzel Washington. Wilfredstailor.com 212-242-3030 Top Barber: Marcus “Reggae” Smith- Get a VIP treatment from … Continue reading ‘The Top’ in New York City

President’s Day Online Sales

Take additional 50% off all sale with promo code EXTRA50 on JCrew.com (main photo on JCrew Cotton Baseball Jacket for $54) 40% off your purchase with promo code BRSALUTE at BananaRepublic.com Take 20% off your purchase with promo code TREAT at Gap.com 20% off site-wide, plus free shipping at Nautica.com 20% off orders of $100 or more or 30% off $150+ plus free shipping on … Continue reading President’s Day Online Sales

JAQET; Handmade Leather Wallets

All the way from California comes JAQET, handmade leather wallets and cases for men. Their sleek simple design is great for any style. They are all made with full grain leather and are hand dyed with exclusive rich JAQET colors. Everything from cutting, punching, stitching, and dying is hand made here in the United States. Their new iPad mini cases are selling quick for that … Continue reading JAQET; Handmade Leather Wallets

Shinola; American Watchmaking

I company that will not accept the fact that watch and leather manufactoring is no longer an American trade. Shinola believes in the beauty of industry and manufacturing so they took shop in Detroit to create these beautifully crafted watches, leather goods, and even bikes. They even allow you to watch a live cam of their factory workers for all you reality TV enthusiasts. Watches … Continue reading Shinola; American Watchmaking