Just Legal Rides

The United States bans international cars that don’t meet our safety and emissions standards. If any car fanatic were to import themselves an off limit car and were caught they would be risking losing their insurance and even doing jail time for these rare classics. Even worse the priceless item would be confiscated and crushed. How to get around this rule? Wait 25 years. It … Continue reading Just Legal Rides

Holiday Gift Idea: Turnstone Buoy

Ditch the office chair and even the yoga ball, the Turnstone Buoy gives you a better posture, a stronger core, and a much cooler look. With its padded seat and slight wobble this stool is a must have. At only $199 and over 100 different color combination options it can make a great holiday gift idea Get 10% off now and free shipping on any … Continue reading Holiday Gift Idea: Turnstone Buoy