Wearable Technology Hits The Fashion World

Everyone from Amazon, to Google, To Apple has been rumored to be making better and better wearable technology for our future. Its seems a bit silly that we will need to be wearing our mobile devices, that we already have trouble putting down, on our eyes one day, but we have to keep up with the Joneses. Mr. Porter, a well known men’s fashion company … Continue reading Wearable Technology Hits The Fashion World

Noteworthy Downloads; Postagram App

Postagram allows you to upload photos from your computer, phone, Instagram, or Facebook and create personalized postcards to share world-wide. Send it nationally for only 99 cents and internationally for $1.99. We found it as a great source to send out thank you cards, or just a friendly thinking of you. Available on iTunes app store, or Google Play for free. Continue reading Noteworthy Downloads; Postagram App

Scout Mob; One of a Kind Shoppee

Scout Mob is focused on bringing you daily local finds that are one of a kind at acceptable prices. They also connect you to local events, must try restaurants, great deals on neighborhood gems and more. Their mission is to connect you to local artisans and show you their vision when making their unique quality products. There were too many items that we were excited … Continue reading Scout Mob; One of a Kind Shoppee