Pants Made From Beer Bottles

The new collection of American-made jeans from Bonobos is made from recycled repurposed plastic beer bottles, water bottles, soda bottles, and old TV trays. With these new more sustainable jeans you don’t have to sacrifice style for the environment. Bonobos made sure to still give you the great fit and comfort that all their American-made jeans come with. Bottle Rocket Premium Denim $145 at Continue reading Pants Made From Beer Bottles

Noteworthy Online Shop: Bonobos

  Bonobos online shop runs on 4 basic ideas; ‘better fit’ which refers to their signature washed chinos that people rave is finally a pair of pants that fit perfectly, ‘great brands’ that they feature in their shop and on their blog, ‘confident style’ which helps the customer look like themselves and not the brand they are wearings, and ‘great experience’ with free shipping, painless … Continue reading Noteworthy Online Shop: Bonobos