12 Hours in Coney Island

Coney Island was first up and running in the late 1800’s and has been a tourist attraction as well as a friendly greeting for immigrants arriving when the Coney Island Elephant was introduced. Now there are various rides, arcade games, aquarium, baseball, beach, and much more. The Haus team went and spent a full day trying out everything it has to offer. This weekend Coney … Continue reading 12 Hours in Coney Island

Jaguar Releases The F-Type Coupe

In 1961 Jaguar introduced the E-Type Coupe whom everyone right away considered it the most beautiful car in history. Some say that even Enzo Ferrari himself agreed. It was the sexiest thing on the road, porn on wheels, and anyone who tried to succeed it failed. While there will never be another E-Type Coupe, Jaguar made the bold move to make the F-Type its notable … Continue reading Jaguar Releases The F-Type Coupe