Men in Cities with Accessories

Based out of New York City, Men in Cities is a lifestyle accessories brand that designs and creates limited edition products at a reasonable price. They display the items through collections that depending on your lifestyle you can relate to. Such as the ‘Open Seas Collection’, ‘Open Road Collection’, and ‘Equal Rising Collection’. With everything from bags, belts, cashmere hats/scarfs, ties, and wallets averaging at … Continue reading Men in Cities with Accessories

Proper Cloth’s Montauk Collection

A new collection of light weight shirts has just been released from Proper Cloth called ‘Montauk Escape‘. This beautiful light weight easy to travel in and pack are the perfect solution to a weekend adventure. Too bad this long holiday weekend has already passed, but it gives you men the perfect excuse to get away again and look good doing it. Check out the collection … Continue reading Proper Cloth’s Montauk Collection