bucketfeet; Bringing people together through art

You know how they say the Earth without art is just eh, well we couldn’t agree more and either can bucketfeet. The company started when two strangers, one artist, and one backpacker shared a conversation about a pair of hand drawn shoes. The art on these shoes brought people together around the world as they traveled. The company was then created in Chicago with a … Continue reading bucketfeet; Bringing people together through art

Diafora Style Launch

Diafora Style, translated from Greek as different style has premiered their first collection of shirts; The Grecian Collection. They currently only have four t-shirts on their website, but its definelty worth a look. These unique shirts range from $35-$85 and have awesome graphics that embody a god like persona. Two of our favorites (photo below) are ‘I Am Versatility‘ Shirt, and ‘Watch The Throne‘ . … Continue reading Diafora Style Launch

SPƎNGLISH (ñ); Uniting Cultures In A Funny Way

(Manhattan T-Shirt $40, Chile Out Sweat Pants $70, Mojito Swim Trunks $98, El Mostacho T-Shirt $49) Spenglish was created in 2006, and its core mission was to spread love, joy and humor while uniting the different cultures The United States has to offer. They support a bias free enviroment and use environmentally conscious material made with love to give you comfort throughout your day. Spenglish … Continue reading SPƎNGLISH (ñ); Uniting Cultures In A Funny Way

Sunspel – A World of the Highest Quality Contemporary Clothing

The British clothing manufacturer Sunspel certainly has a lot to be proud of from the moment of the company’s establishment in 1860, founder Thomas A Hill was experimenting with the finest quality fabrics from around the world. He gave birth to a company that was instrumental in the development of the T-shirt, and which introduced the boxer short to Britain. Sunspel, though, isn’t gathering dust … Continue reading Sunspel – A World of the Highest Quality Contemporary Clothing

Great Fitting Denim or Sweat Pants

John Elliott + Co has been called the Tom Ford of sweatpants. While we probably wouldn’t go that far mainly because sweatpants aren’t always the best choice in looking good,  they have done a great job. We went in for the infamous sweatpants, and left with a great impression of their denim collection as well. Pants are this companies fortè. Check out all their collections … Continue reading Great Fitting Denim or Sweat Pants

T.Walker- American Made Flannel

We attended Jordana PR‘s Pop-up Fete in New York City the night before fashion week and T.Walker caught our eye. Their beautifully crafted and incredibly soft flannel shirts for men make a great addition to any closet. You’ll probably find yourself reaching for it for most occasions. This traditional staple will never go out of style. The line was started by the famous HBO adventure … Continue reading T.Walker- American Made Flannel