Korp Razor, a new luxurious way to shave

From the packaging to the leather holder, the first moment you see Korp Razor you know its in a league of its own. They have scientifically researched and created the perfect handle in terms of weight, feel, and length, with a removable razor that bends and turns with every inch of your body and face. The razor head is a 5 blade construction that is … Continue reading Korp Razor, a new luxurious way to shave

Wearable Technology Hits The Fashion World

Everyone from Amazon, to Google, To Apple has been rumored to be making better and better wearable technology for our future. Its seems a bit silly that we will need to be wearing our mobile devices, that we already have trouble putting down, on our eyes one day, but we have to keep up with the Joneses. Mr. Porter, a well known men’s fashion company … Continue reading Wearable Technology Hits The Fashion World

Holiday Gift Idea: Turnstone Buoy

Ditch the office chair and even the yoga ball, the Turnstone Buoy gives you a better posture, a stronger core, and a much cooler look. With its padded seat and slight wobble this stool is a must have. At only $199 and over 100 different color combination options it can make a great holiday gift idea Get 10% off now and free shipping on any … Continue reading Holiday Gift Idea: Turnstone Buoy

Instawatch: Personalize your time

Create a custom watch in just seconds. Upload from your instagram, or computer and choose any color band. An easy and fun way to have a custom watch for only $44. http://instawatch.me/ For a limited time fab will be selling a coupon for this custom watch for $37 http://fab.com/sale/19190/product/358137/ This would make a great gift for your loved one or for yourself. Continue reading Instawatch: Personalize your time