Noteworthy Kickstarter Campaigns

Take a look at some of our favorite KickstarterĀ  campaigns at the moment. Maybe you’ll be the last backer they need to make their vision come true. The Coolest Cooler of all. This cooler not only transports your drinks and food keeping it fresh and ready to enjoy but it comes with a number of other features you never even dreamed of having. The Coolest … Continue reading Noteworthy Kickstarter Campaigns

Gustin; Premium Menswear That Cares What You Think

Gustin products have been gracing the shelves of retail stores for years, they decided to create a new business model which allows them to lower the price for their customers and create things the public actually likes. After successfully being funded on Kickstarter, they have launched their online shop. Gustin Designs a full collection premium denim locally in San Francisco and allows shoppers to back … Continue reading Gustin; Premium Menswear That Cares What You Think

New and Noteworthy Brand: Bluer Denim

What we love about Bluer; they got their start from Kickstarter, they are 100% made in the USA, they have ‘buy one, give one‘ program, and starting this fall they ‘Home Try On‘; allowing you to order multiple pairs of denim to try on and return the ones that don’t work for you. They have 4 different fits with various different washes. Like the slim … Continue reading New and Noteworthy Brand: Bluer Denim