The Gold Gods; Hottest Chain in the Game

The Gold Gods have caught our eye on Instagram. Their rare and beautiful collection of gold plated jewelry is well priced and sure to stand out. They are always on top of the trends and styles in order to give you the best products. Not happy with your purchase? Gold Gods offer 100% money back guarantee and free world-wide shipping. But we are sure you … Continue reading The Gold Gods; Hottest Chain in the Game

Great Fitting Denim or Sweat Pants

John Elliott + Co has been called the Tom Ford of sweatpants. While we probably wouldn’t go that far mainly because sweatpants aren’t always the best choice in looking good,  they have done a great job. We went in for the infamous sweatpants, and left with a great impression of their denim collection as well. Pants are this companies fortè. Check out all their collections … Continue reading Great Fitting Denim or Sweat Pants

Suitsupply; the best suit for your buck

Suitsupply was founded in 2000 in Amsterdam, and since then have opened up franchise shops in 11 countries including Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and China. We went to visit the New York City shop on Madison Ave and we dont know what took us so long. We were extremely impressed with its products, reasonable prices, and amazing customer service. With quality Italian fabrics, … Continue reading Suitsupply; the best suit for your buck

Shinola’s Spring Collection

Spring collections are blooming, and one of our favorite leather brands, Shinola,  launched the perfect pairing of watches and leather accessories we have seen in a while… From blue, to green, to shades of beige and red this collection is perfect. All their products are hand made in Detroit and have individual serial numbers which indicate its individuality and who created it. There is still … Continue reading Shinola’s Spring Collection