12 Hours in Coney Island

Coney Island was first up and running in the late 1800’s and has been a tourist attraction as well as a friendly greeting for immigrants arriving when the Coney Island Elephant was introduced. Now there are various rides, arcade games, aquarium, baseball, beach, and much more. The Haus team went and spent a full day trying out everything it has to offer. This weekend Coney … Continue reading 12 Hours in Coney Island

Long Trunks; Rebuilding Long Beach NY

There is a old wise tale that between 1907-1909 Roger and Alice the elephants came into the town of Long Beach to help build the boardwalk. When Hurricane Sandy came along and destructed the town, the people New York have been coming together to help with the destruction. As we were walking down the streets we came across a vendor called “Long Trunks” who is … Continue reading Long Trunks; Rebuilding Long Beach NY