Men in Cities with Accessories

Based out of New York City, Men in Cities is a lifestyle accessories brand that designs and creates limited edition products at a reasonable price. They display the items through collections that depending on your lifestyle you can relate to. Such as the ‘Open Seas Collection’, ‘Open Road Collection’, and ‘Equal Rising Collection’. With everything from bags, belts, cashmere hats/scarfs, ties, and wallets averaging at … Continue reading Men in Cities with Accessories

Modus Man Launch

Meet the two creative men of Modus Man, clothing line based in New York City. We had the honor of meeting these gentlemen yesterday at the Fridman Gallery where they show cased their new collection of shirts. The beautifully crafted shirts are a collaboration between Modus Man, FaceHunter, and blogger Keiko Lynn. Their campaign against boring shirts was very apparent with their beautiful fabrics, prints, … Continue reading Modus Man Launch

Filson: From Wilderness to City

Filson started out with a reputation for creating products useful to woodsman and hunters in the Pacific Northwest. Over time their products durability and craftsmanship was so impressive that the brand migrated from the woods to the big city. The lumberjack style started becoming more and more popular with flannel shirts taking over men’s wardrobe nation wide. Filson clothing was originally made for heavy layering … Continue reading Filson: From Wilderness to City