Sunspel – A World of the Highest Quality Contemporary Clothing

The British clothing manufacturer Sunspel certainly has a lot to be proud of from the moment of the company’s establishment in 1860, founder Thomas A Hill was experimenting with the finest quality fabrics from around the world. He gave birth to a company that was instrumental in the development of the T-shirt, and which introduced the boxer short to Britain. Sunspel, though, isn’t gathering dust … Continue reading Sunspel – A World of the Highest Quality Contemporary Clothing

Timo Weiland; Fall 2014 Collection

As we walked through the courtyard of The Highline Hotel and into the old dormitory that was hosting Timo Weiland‘s collection for New York Fashion Week we couldn’t help but think we were about to be admitted into Hogwarts. But when the doors finally opened showcasing the human mannequins, everything came together beautifully. We love fashion week shows that are wearable and the Timo Collection … Continue reading Timo Weiland; Fall 2014 Collection

T.Walker- American Made Flannel

We attended Jordana PR‘s Pop-up Fete in New York City the night before fashion week and T.Walker caught our eye. Their beautifully crafted and incredibly soft flannel shirts for men make a great addition to any closet. You’ll probably find yourself reaching for it for most occasions. This traditional staple will never go out of style. The line was started by the famous HBO adventure … Continue reading T.Walker- American Made Flannel

Modus Man Launch

Meet the two creative men of Modus Man, clothing line based in New York City. We had the honor of meeting these gentlemen yesterday at the Fridman Gallery where they show cased their new collection of shirts. The beautifully crafted shirts are a collaboration between Modus Man, FaceHunter, and blogger Keiko Lynn. Their campaign against boring shirts was very apparent with their beautiful fabrics, prints, … Continue reading Modus Man Launch