H&M’s Mauritz Archive Collection

Ever wonder what H&M from the popular clothing store stands for? Mauritz Widforss, the founder of the company, and a men’s hunting and outdoor apparel shop in Stockholm. In 1968 Erling Persson bought out the store and created the fashion empire which was combined with the store next door, Hennes. Heens & Mauritz began by selling lumberjack, rugged gear which was originally sold by Mauritz … Continue reading H&M’s Mauritz Archive Collection

Fall Color: Emerald Green

Each year Pantone, a global authority on color in the design industry claims a color to be ‘Colour Of The Year‘. They study all the industries including film, entertainment, design, fashion, tourism and selects the color to be most present. For 2013 the color Emerald was chosen. (Pantone 17-5641) Emerald in menswear has been present this fall in mostly pants, and outerwear; from blazers to … Continue reading Fall Color: Emerald Green

Street Fashion; Dublin, Ireland

One of our wonderful Haus team members in currently traveling through Ireland and Europe to expand our inspirational styles. Spotted in Dublin is this look completed with the perfect fall/winter hat. Here are some great fedora styles to check out: Village Hat Shop; Wool Felt Fedora Hats from $30 Hats in the Belfry; Fur felt, classic wool Fedoras from $35 Hat Country; Wool/Felt Fedoras on … Continue reading Street Fashion; Dublin, Ireland

Long Trunks; Rebuilding Long Beach NY

There is a old wise tale that between 1907-1909 Roger and Alice the elephants came into the town of Long Beach to help build the boardwalk. When Hurricane Sandy came along and destructed the town, the people New York have been coming together to help with the destruction. As we were walking down the streets we came across a vendor called “Long Trunks” who is … Continue reading Long Trunks; Rebuilding Long Beach NY

Walk Over Shoes; A Runway Favorite

American-Made footwear that was used in at least three different runway shoes this year. Walk Over Shoes is a family owned business which start in 1758 where the first family member Levis started making shoes, and the knowledge spread through generations till 1874 George Eldon started the enterprise with $1000. Walk Over Shoes has been a well known name in fashion even today with their … Continue reading Walk Over Shoes; A Runway Favorite